Starting at secondary school is a big step for both students and their parents, so at Coundon we work very hard to make this transfer as smooth as possible. We work closely with partner primary schools to ensure that there are good links between us and we have a liaison programme involving primary and secondary teachers.


Strong positive links between home and school will inevitably help children succeed. The focus of our pastoral structure is to support the development of all students towards achieving their potential as learners and as young people. We make sure that each young person is known and valued as an individual. Each student is a member of a tutor group and has a tutor who helps them do well in their academic and social lives at school.


We recognise that individuals have different learning and physical needs. Where a special educational need is identified, we seek to provide the most appropriate support we can for the individual to enable him or her to make the best possible progress. Where it becomes clear that some adaption of the curriculum or environment is necessary to promote success, we will do everything we can to support this through full discussion with parents and appropriate agencies.


Our overall aim is to provide all students with a variety of opportunities to experience success in a sporting activity. Success may come as a result of personal achievement or through participation in a team activity, always remembering that success consists of feeling good about what you have achieved and does not need to be associated with first or best. Team games are an extremely important part of our school life and all students are encouraged to participate. Matches are played both on Saturday mornings and weekdays. Our teams are entered for local and regional competitions in rugby, hockey, netball, cross country, rounders, gymnastics, tennis, cricket, football, athletics, cheerleading. We have an excellent reputation in all areas of sports and treasure our numerous trophies and accolades.


We have an incredibly extensive range of other activities for young people to engage with which will complement their social, academic and cultural development. These opportunities enable youngsters to grow into confident individuals as well as developing a range of very important social skills. They vary from gardening groups or debating societies to equestrian groups or community volunteers.


Students regularly have the opportunity to perform through music, dance or drama to a variety of audiences and we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our productions. Staff, students, parents and community members work closely together to put on shows of the highest quality. We also have an extensive range of instrumental tuition in all the main musical instruments. The ensembles include choirs, orchestras, brass band, guitar group, steel band, woodwind ensembles, soul band, folk group, string and percussion groups.