Coundon Learning Centre - "The CLC"

Team consists of:

  • Mrs Elton – Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Director of Inclusion
  • Miss Moy - Graduate Mentor
  • Mrs Robinson - Graduate Mentor
  • Mr O’Keefe - Teaching Assistant
  • Mr Singh - Maths Teacher
  • Mrs Fox - School Counsellor

We also work very closely with several agencies, who offer a variety of support, such as the School Nurse, the Police, the Family Hubs and the Youth Service.

The Coundon Learning Centre (CLC) provides all kinds of support for Coundon Court Students and their families. We are an experienced team of staff, including Mentors, Progress Managers, Teaching Assistants, and Counsellors. Our team of staff work with students to support their emotional and mental well-being and a specialised SEN Team lead by the SENCO supports specific learning needs.

Everyone at some point in their life needs a bit of support and we aim to offer this support to anyone who needs it. We currently offer the following interventions.

  • Mentoring
  • Counselling
  • Raising Aelf Esteem
  • Attendance Support Group
  • Managing our Anger
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Friendship Group
  • Social Skills
  • Healthy Mind
  • Transition Support Staying
  • Safe-Protective Behaviours

If you feel as if you would benefit from the work of the CLC please contact Mrs Elton or Miss Moy.

Key Contacts
Susie Elton  - Designated Safeguarding Lead
Amanda Donnelly  -  Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Charlotte Rohloff  -  Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead