Answers to Questions That Parents/Carers Often Ask About Our SEND Provision

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General Questions About Coundon's SEND Provision

Answers to questions that we are often asked about the SEND Provision at Coundon Court

Where can I find out about Coventry City Council's Local Offer?

You can find details on this website


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How is my son or daughter involved in his/her own learning and decisions made about his/her education?

SEND Support

  • Students regularly set targets based on their review data with their tutor.
  • During support intervention time students are actively encouraged to reflect upon their progress.
  • During structured conversations students are encouraged to reflect upon their student support plan and contribute to it.
  • Students with additional need are supported through the options process.  

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Who will help me to support him/her at home?

The student support team can direct parent/carers to relevant external agencies for additional support. E.g. Parent Partnership.

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How will I be involved in planning for and supporting my son or daughter's learning?

Regular communication ensures parents/carers voices are heard and action is taken where necessary

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Is there any extra support available to help students with SEND with their learning? How will I know if my child is getting extra support?

SEND Support

  • Specialist support is provided by the Student Services team consisting of teachers, teaching assistants and SENCo.
  • Specialist support provided for the students will be shared during a structured conversation.  
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How can I find out more about what my son or daughter is learning at the moment?
  • Key subject staff will provide information on the students’ current curricular topics.
  • There is also information on the website.
  • Teachers can be contacted via email or by telephone for more detailed information.  

SEND Books

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How will I know if my son or daughter is receiving SEND support?

As soon as your son or daughter’s SEND has been identified we will contact you and invite you to come into school to discuss plans to help him or her make better progress with interventions where appropriate. If it is deemed appropriate your son's/daughter's name will be placed on the SEND register. 

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How do you know if a student has SEND?

Teachers closely monitor the progress made by all students and ask advice from the SENCo as soon as they have concerns about any student 


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What kinds of SEND do you make provision for at this school?

Students may be identified as having SEND when their progress causes a concern over time. We have specific plans and student profiles which help support their learning. Students with SEND in our school have a wide range of difficulties with, learning, communication, social or emotional development, and sensory/physical difficulties.


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Do students with SEND come to your school?

We are an inclusive mainstream school. A number of our students do have special educational needs.  

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Questions About Coundon's Support For My Child

 More specific questions about support for an individual student.

How will you help my son/daughter make successful move into the next year group or other move or transition?

Student Help

  • Primary school visits ensure school staff are informed of students’ needs prior to arrival in Year 7.
  • School provides extra induction sessions for these students.
  • SEND staff are available at open evening.
  • At KS3 to KS4 students are supported in the options process.
  • School leavers are supported with college applications and appropriate career action plans.  
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How are the adults in school helped to work with students with an SEND and what training do they have?
  • Appropriate training and CPD is provided for staff to improve the teaching learning of all students including those with SEND.
  • SEND teachers and support staff are provided with a personalised CPD programme.
  • Student services work closely with specialists from external agencies who may provide additional advice and support.  
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Who should I contact if I wish to find out more about how the school supports students with SEND?

Coundon's SENco is Mrs Kerry Thompson-Moore and she can be contacted on 024 7633 5121.


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How do your teachers help students with learning difficulties or disabilities to learn, including what they learn?
  • The teacher will have the highest expectations possible for your child
  • Varied teaching strategies will be used to unsure fully inclusive teaching
  • Student Support Plans provide specific strategies to access the learning tasks
  • Regular tracking, monitoring of progress and interventions will ensure that the students make the appropriate progress
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How do you check and review the progress made by students with SEND?

SEND Progress

  • Parents will be met at least bi-annually; once during a structured conversation and also during parent/carer evenings
  • Data detailing academic progress is sent home 3 times each year.


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How do you make sure that the SEND support is helping students make good progress and how am I kept informed?
  • Student Support plans are written for students with SEND these are reviewed at least annually.
  • Regular assessment and tracking of student progress takes place across the year.
  • School undertakes activities that help us evaluate provision which include learning walks, parent/carer and student surveys and parent/carers evenings.  
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Questions About Coundon's Policies and Provisions

Questions about Coundon's SEND Policies and the provisions we have for SEND Students 

Who should I contact if I’m not happy with my son or daughter’s learning and/or progress?


  • In the first instance any concerns should be shared with subject teacher and or head of year.
  • If issues are not resolved then the head of faculty should be contacted who would then in turn inform the SENCo.
  • The school's complaint procedure can be found on the school website.
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Where can I find out about other services that might be available for our family and my son or daughter?

The Coventry Local Offer website has information about the services that are available.


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Who should I contact to find out about other support for parents/carers and families of students with SEND or disabilities?

 The SENCO, in the first instance, who can advise on support from external agencies. 

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Who else provides services in school for students with SEND or disabilities and how can my family get support from these services?

School can call upon a number of external agencies to support additional need and these services include:

  • EPS
  • Dyslexia/Access Arrangements
  • CIASS Sensory Support  
  • School Nurse
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Carewatch
  • Speech and Language Teachers
  • Integrated Primary Mental Health


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How does your school support students’ emotional and social development?
  • Student Services provide a variety of interventions designed to support social and emotional development.
  • Students with specific mental health difficulties are supported through the educational psychology service (EPS) and CAMHS.
  • Our tutor time and Citizenship program also support emotional and social development.  
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What before and after school and other activities are available for students with SEND? How can my student and I find out about these activities?
  • Opportunities are provided for all students to engage in extracurricular activities.
  • Pre-emptive planning and risk assessments are in place to ensure that students with SEND are able to access their full entitlement.
    (Please refer to website for comprehensive list of activities)  


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How have you made the school buildings and site safe and welcoming for students with SEND or disabilities?


  • Some areas of the school have been adapted to support the specific physical and sensory needs of the students.
  • ‘Safe’ areas are provided at break and lunchtimes for vulnerable students.
  • Enrichment activities are fully inclusive and take place throughout the school day.
  • All students have a form tutor to look after their well-being.  
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Where can I find information about the school's SEND Policy?

 Our policy can be downloaded from here 

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What happens if my son or daughter needs specialist equipment or other facilities?
  • Specialist aids and equipment will be provided in accordance with assessed needs.
  • Specialist equipment such as wheelchairs/standing frames etc. are provided by a relevant health specialist.  
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