Car Parking at The Nugget, Hollyfast Lane and Northbrook Road

The Nugget is introducing a number plate recognition parking control scheme. All cars entering the Car Park will have the number plate recorded and if a car stays for longer than ten minutes without the Pub being used, a fine will follow. I understand this to be a £50 fine.

The Pub requires this system to ensure that paying customers have access to the car park at all times. Coundon Court supports and understands their decision. They have a business to run.

Both Coundon Court and The Nugget respectfully ask that parents park carefully and with proper consideration for both the pub and local residents.

It is also important that cars are not to be parked on pavements, as 1650 students leave and exit left and right along Hollyfast Road and Coundon Green. The pavements are very narrow and not designed for safe use by so many at one time.

Hollyfast Lane is a quiet, residential lane with no space for parking or manoeuvring, especially as most students walk out this way at 2.50 pm. It is also "double yellow lined" at its entrance.

Northbrook Lane is also narrow with a severe ditch on one side. Many students walk and ride out this way.

Our car park is not suitable for use as a pick up or drop off zone and parent use will place students at risk of injury. It is not allowed.

Parents will need to review their arrangements for safe and practical drop off and pick up points. I would suggest that this is a few minutes’ walk away from the schools and the pub. If congestion develops then I can only foresee an accident and law enforcement officers attending on a routine basis.

I would urge all parents to review their current arrangements. The pub's system starts on 7th June.

Mr A Clay