Coundon Court fully recognises its responsibility for safeguarding Children. Our policy applies to staff, governors and all visitors to the school.

Our Designated Safeguarding Leads at Coundon Court are responsible for promoting the safety and well-being of all students, responding to any concerns around safeguarding and liaising with external agencies where appropriate to ensure the school is compliant with all statutory guidance in relation to Child Protection.

There are 5 main parts to our policy:

  • Establishing a safe environment in which children can learn and develop.
  • Supporting pupils who have been abused and ensuring the agreed Child Protection Plan is being adhered to.
  • Developing robust procedures for identifying and reporting suspected or actual cases of abuse.
  • Raising awareness of safeguarding issues including more local issues and ensuring the wider school are aware and equipped to deal with.
  • Ensuring we practise safe recruitment, in line with national legislation, from interview
Safeguarding Team

Susie Elton
Mrs Susie Elton
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Amanda Donnelly
Mrs Amanda Donnelly
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Charlotte Holland
Mrs Charlotte Holland
Deputy Safeguarding Lead