• To develop in each of us a positive self-image and sense of worth
  • To develop a respect for, and a recognition of, the needs of others
  • To promote high aspirations and high expectations of everyone
  • To continually raise the level of performance of each of us
  • To make learning enjoyable and challenging so it equips each of us with the knowledge, skills and understanding essential to be effective global citizens 
  • To enable each of us to make informed decisions and to exercise our rights and responsibilities 

A genuine commitment to respect for individuals is shown in the daily life of Coundon Court. One of the first things you notice when you walk into school is how nice everybody is to each other – how frequently people smile, share a friendly joke, take an interest in other people, find something positive and encouraging to say, in fact just show that they like each other in every possible way. It is also a very calm, relaxed place – not because there is never any noise(!) but because we make a point of ‘not shouting’.

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