the Library

"... many thousands of teachers know from experience that the most efficient way of foster the dynamic of learning in children is to stimulate their imagination...."
(David Holbrook).

With this in mind, the Library is firmly committed to helping students develop and maintain a "reading for pleasure" habit.  To this end, we encourage students to make recommendations for books and to be comfortable on the bean-bags as they read.

We take part in several important events; shadowing the Carnegie Medal and encouraging participation in the Coventry Inspiration Book Award are two such events. 

We are busy as a Library - lending books to students throughout their school life, We ensure that both fiction and non-fiction books are up to date and that subject-specific books are complementary to and compatible with syllabuses.


We have:-

Mrs Kosys (The Librarian), will help students during opening times, which are:-

10.30am - 3.30pm Monday & Friday

8.00am - 3.00pm Tuesday & Thursday

Closed at break and lunchtime on Wednesday