Starting at Coundon Court

Starting at secondary school is a big step for both students and their parents, so at Coundon we work very hard to make this transfer as smooth as possible. We work closely with partner primary schools to ensure that there are good links between us and we have a liaison programme involving primary and secondary teachers.

To help with the induction process, we hold an Open Evening for prospective parents before choices of secondary school are made. When we know details of our new intake, we arrange visits to primary schools during the day, so that our teachers with responsibility for induction can meet our new students and their teachers to discuss transition and to make sure that we have all the information we need about individuals' progress, personal development, and special needs.

In the summer term, students in the new intake experience a day with us to help them understand what life in a secondary school will be like and we also have evening meetings where we invite parents to meet mentors and discuss arrangements for the new term. Soon after your child has started at Coundon Court, we arrange a meeting for parents and carers with mentors to discuss how your child has settled in and to make sure that there is an opportunity to raise any matters of concern with us before the first half term is over.

Pastoral Care

Strong, positive links between home and school will inevitably help children succeed. The focus of our pastoral structure is to support the development of all students towards achieving their potential as learners and as young people. We make sure that each young person is known and valued as an individual. Each student is a member of a mentor group and has a personal mentor who helps them do well in their academic and social lives at school. In most cases the mentor continues working with the mentor group from Year 7 through to Year 13 helping to provide stability, security and continuity of care.

If you wish to discuss anything about your child's progress with us, you are asked to contact your child's mentor or the Head of College in the first instance. If you have something of a confidential nature which you would like to discuss with a senior member of staff, please contact the Senior Assistant Head responsible for student welfare, Mr Clarkson. We will keep you fully informed and involved in all aspects of your child’s learning and will work with you to make certain they are as happy and academically challenged as possible.

Student Support

We recognise that individuals have different learning and physical needs. Where a special educational need is identified, we seek to provide the most appropriate support we can for the individual to enable him or her to make the best possible progress. Where it becomes clear that some adaptation of the curriculum or environment is necessary to promote success, we will do everything we can to support this through full discussion with parents and appropriate agencies.


We have an excellent attendance record as a school and will assume parental support in maintaining such high standards. We will also work closely with the Education Welfare Service to support any child in need.

Personal Property

The safe keeping of all personal property and equipment is the responsibility of each student. All such property should be marked with the student's name. The school cannot accept responsibility for any personal property that may be lost, damaged, or stolen at school. Students are strongly encouraged not to bring anything of value to school with them.

Students must assume responsibility for the proper care of books and equipment issued to them.

Transport to School

Students may travel to school on bicycles on the understanding that bicycles are left on the school site at the student's own risk. We reserve the right to withdraw permission to attend school on a bicycle if the bicycle is poorly maintained, unsafe, or poorly ridden.