Our Students

We work hard at involving students in the life of the school. Student leadership, involvement and ownership are major contributors to achievement and progress and are evident in many ways. The Student Leadership Team provides students with numerous roles and experiences of a wider school nature. So much so, that they have been recognised for a number of National Awards.

Students take an important and active role in the life of our community. Each year group elects representatives who meet regularly as a group and each is represented on a school council that meets half termly. Students also represent many aspects of school and community life, in addition to the School Council. They are given the opportunity to raise issues they see as important and minutes of meetings are kept and acted on. This enables students to be involved more closely in future developments and organisation of the school and to gain experience of committee work and public service.

Our Staff

The key to the success of any school lies in the quality of the staff. Coundon Court prides itself on having highly qualified, highly motivated professionals whose flair and imagination inspire young people in every way.

We are a staff who work well together. Our strength stems from the knowledge that we are all part of the same team and our success as a school derives from us all working to a common purpose in an open and collaborative way