Ofsted and School Improvement

Coundon Court was inspected in September 2015, four weeks after the arrival of a new Headteacher. The inspection report graded Coundon Court as “Requires Improvement”. The Headteacher was already aware that this was very likely and the reports findings mirrored his own understanding of the school's position. The areas for improvement – key issues - were readily agreed between the Lead Inspector and the Headteacher.

The report can be accessed through the link below. An HMI visit followed the inspection in December of the same year and the areas for improvement were further refined.

This webpage contains links to other key documents that Ofsted require access to during an inspection and Coundon Court is due an inspection this year. The documents will allow you an understanding of our strategic planning to secure outstanding outcomes for students at Coundon Court. The link may be found at the foot of this webpage.

You can inform our journey of improvement by completing surveys at Parents Evenings and also the Ofsted Parentview survey found here (insert ink)

Coundon Court has worked hard over the last two years to tackle the key issues and the following is a summary of our progress to date.

Key Issue 1 - Ensure that the Safeguarding Policy meets current requirements and that staff are provided with regular training to ensure they are aware of any changes in requirements.

Governors now fully understand role and importance of Safeguarding obligations as:

  • All are DBS cleared with two currently on hold awaiting clearance before appointment and reappointment. This was not the case in September 2014.
  • On the 16th September they committed to one days training that had one session on – Keeping Children Safe and Safeguarding obligations and all have committed to complete Safer Recruitment L1 training.
  • The Single Central Register is now fully compliant and is routinely maintained to this standard. Historic issues with regards to contracts and references have been resolved.

Key Issue 2 - Ensure greater consistency of good and better teaching across the main school and raise the achievement of all students, in particular the most-able, by: – using information about students’ starting points to plan challenging work that interests and engages them – making sure that the best practice in marking is adopted across the academy

Work is now routinely marked in line with individual learning team expectations and whole school expectations on presentation and literacy. The Learning Team Review Cycle monitors and intervenes the consistency of expectation within teams through routine work trawls every half term. Significant work has been undertaken to secure and deploy a consistent approach to planning Schemes of Learning. Teaching quality is routinely monitored through the Learning Team Review Cycle. Staff are seen every half term through systematic drop-ins with no prior notice. Feedback is given to individual staff and to teams as a consequence. This process has informed the Annual Training Plan, appraisal feedback and, where necessary, has resulted in individual support plans and challenge.

Key Issue 3 - Eradicate low level disruption in classes by ensuring that all staff make effective use of the behaviour policy and reward system.

A new Behaviour Policy was implemented in January 2015 and has been substantially revised in light of lessons learnt over the last eighteen months. Behaviour data is monitored closely by the leadership team members for responsible for leading Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four. Support plans are put in place for students and staff where behaviour data indicates a need. Awards Assemblies take place every major term to celebrate achievement within Year Groups. A House System has been introduced to promote rewards competition within year groups and across the school.

Key Issue 4 - ensure that attendance and punctuality improves through senior leaders ensuring their monitoring information about different groups of students is used to reduce persistent absences.

As a part of the evolving Behaviour Policy late arrival to school was redefined and new sanctions put into place. Students are expected to be on site by 8.25 am and in their tutor rooms by 8.30 am. Staff are on duty at a single point of entry and also at a vantage point on the main road. Students receive a detention the same day for late arrival t school. We have reduced the problem form up to 100 late arrivals to around 10 to 15 a day – most of whom will have hard to resolve issues within the home.

Attendance rates are monitored monthly as part of the Behaviour Data Review. Attendance is now monitored by year group and a range of student groups to identify issue to resolve. Last year the target was not achieved but we had to manage the long term absence of our Attendance Officer and no capacity for brought in external support. The high FTE rate also impacted on our ability to improve attendance further. However more students attended school more regularly last year than the year before due to the monitoring process and the focus given to attendance as part of the revised pastoral structure in AY1516.

Key Issue 5 - Improve teaching in the Sixth Form so that it is consistently good or better and the standards Key Issue 4 achieved in academic subjects improve to that of the vocational subjects.

The summer of AY1516 examination outcomes for Sixth Form showed a very significant improvement with all academic subjects, bar one, at or above zero for value added. This is due to the whole school developments described above. It is also due to the Head of Sixth Form using the Learning Team Review and Raising Attainment Strategy to focus on Sixth Form Teaching with coordinators and teaching staff. His effective leadership of the Sixth Form has created an ethos of high expectation and accountability for outcomes.