ReviewedThe Coundon Planetarium

PlanetariumOn the January 6th the A-Level Physics students were lucky enough to experience two beautifully made shows inside of a planetarium. One of which was an inspiring talk through the Google Lunar XPrize competition which is very much like a modern day space race. The other was an amazing presentation on the stunning entries for a space photography competition. Overall the experience was out of this world. (Thomas Lundie, Year 12)

I found the planetarium really informative! At first I was unsure of what to expect and then I was astonished by physics as a whole; not just astrophysics. This incredible event has tipped me towards a Physics career, I give my sincere thanks to Warwick University for making this possible. (Aaron Shui, Year 12)

In the planetarium, we were taught about the efforts of small groups to land a probe on the moon while staying completely self-funded. Seeing different groups’ ideas showed how one simple problem can have so many different innovative solutions. We were also shown pictures from all over the galaxy, some of which were taken by the public; this really emphasised the high technology equipment that is readily available to the public. (Ben Davies-Tuck Year 13)

During my experience in the planetarium, I was able to visually learn about the Google Luna X-Prize which sparked interest into the prospective career that is astrophysics. It was fascinating to witness how anybody from whatever country can become engaged in this project with nothing more than a desire to learn (Maya Saunders Year 10)

The planetarium was very intriguing and allowed me to gain an understanding of Rockets and space. It encouraged those who were interested in rockets and rovers to take part and create something that they can call their very own. (Stephanie Lee Year 10)


ReviewedSevern Trent Careers Talk – Wednesday 18th January 2017

Selection of comments from 9DORSevern Trent Jobs

I think that the presentation showed that you don’t always have to be really academic to get a well-paid job, but you do have to work hard. It showed lots of interesting facts about the company.

I found today was a good experience as I learnt a lot about how water was supplied. We were told about so many opportunities in working with Severn Trent and where it could take us in life.

I found the presentation very useful as it explains when you can join a company like Severn Trent and the skills required.


ReviewedWater Supply Challenge – Wednesday 18th January 2017

Selection of comments from 9DOR

I found the activity during Period 5 really interesting and helpful. It helped me understand how Severn Trent prioritise different locations for their water.WAter

It was a very enjoyable experience, a true challenge and eye opening – showing something as simple as water has an extensive network dedicated to provide it.

I enjoyed the experience this afternoon as it has inspired me to want to do more creative activities (like this) in the real world. An example of this is making/supplying more pipes (that are more affordable) in less economically developed countries, so it can be very effective in making people’s lives better.


ReviewedWISE- Women in Science and Engineering

A group of 40 year 9 girls were selected to attend a talk by ‘WISE: Women in Science and Engineering’. The talk inspired the students to think about the wide range of career options available to them, encouraging them to think about how their skills would suit them for STEM based careers.

Students said they enjoyed ‘finding out what you can achieve from engineering’, and ‘learning about ourselves by doing the quiz’.

Kira-Lucia McCarthy reported: ‘The main thing I learned was that if you do engineering then you don’t necessarily have to fix cars and engines physically- you can work in an office instead of getting grubby hands!’


ReviewedTeen Tech @ Coventry University

Teen Tech

A group of year 8 students with an interest in technology were selected to attend a STEM workshop for the day at the institute for advanced manufacturing and engineering, a faculty of Coventry University in partnership with Uni-part manufacturing.

Here they took part in problem solving, designing and presentation activities as part of the Teen Tech initiative.

It was lovely to see their confidence develop throughout the day and talk enthusiastically about their weird and wonderful ideas and presenting them in a professional manner.

Hopefully our students will go on to compete in the Team Tech awards that culminates in a swanky awards ceremony in London. This may just be the start their career in engineering and ignite their enthusiasm to change the world with the power of their own ideas.