Coundon Court School is a successful and popular school that is routinely oversubscribed. This desire for parents to place their children in our hands is a measure of the trust that the local community is prepared to invest in our school. We take this responsibility very seriously indeed. Our students are at the heart of everything that we do.

The Governing Body have established a clear goal of striving for excellence.

Our students have themselves chosen three key words in a new motto to represent their aspiration - Pride, Courage, and Honour.

The staff have determined that the school will rigorously deliver high standards to ensure a first class educational journey for all in the school.

Coundon Court has a set of expectations and processes that are designed to ensure students conform to and are successful within the values and norms of British society.

Our educational experience is designed to secure a breadth and depth of learning that enables all in the school to be successful in their chosen career. We are committed to ensuring that every student leaves with a successful array of qualifications at 16 and 18 to allow for progression into ambitious pathways.

Our day to day working expectations are based upon the basic building blocks of a democratic society. These are liberty, tolerance, respect for the rule of law, a belief in personal and social responsibility and a respect for British institutions and conventions, for example politeness and the Law.

Students will therefore learn how to manage themselves successfully and safely in the complex adult world they are emerging into.

This is underpinned by a commitment to “no excuses” from anyone in the school community. There is no excuse for poor work, for attending school without equipment for the day, for arriving late. All work must be completed to the best possible standard and where required improved by responding fully to feedback.

Coundon Court values and requires the support of all parents if we are to secure this ambition and expectation for every student in the school.

Mr A Clay
Head Teacher