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About the subject

Biology is at the leading edge of current scientific research and economic investment. With the advent of modern biological techniques such as synthetic biology and worldwide interest in subjects like Epidemiology, Biology is one of the most important subjects to support the UK economy into the future. Biology A-level is key to the understanding of all careers that involve Medicine, Veterinary , Forensic Science, Sport Science and multiple other leading professions in the UK and worldwide.

Entry Requirements

Grade 66 GCSE in
combined science GCSE as well as a
Grade 6 in Mathematics

Year 12 Topics

Biological molecules
Organisms exchange substances with their environment
Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms

Year 13 Topics

Energy transfers in and between organisms
Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
The control of gene expression


3 exams in the summer of Y13
Exam 1 is on the content studied in year 12 (35% of final grade)
Exam 2 is on content studied in year 13 (35% of final grade)
Exam 3 is a synoptic exam covering the whole specification including longer answers and a 25 mark essay (30% of the final grade)

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