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We offer two distinct courses:

1) OCR Computer Science A Level
At its heart lies the notion of computational thinking:
a mode of thought that goes well beyond software and hardware, and that provides a framework within which to reason about systems and problems.
This course teaches the fundamentals of coding and program construction as well as dealing with the internal functions of a computer and the wider implications of networking.

2) OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in IT
The qualifications aim to develop your students' knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of IT and Global Information Systems. Students will gain an insight into the IT sector as they investigate the pace of technological change, IT infrastructure, the flow of information on a global scale, and the importance of legal and security considerations.

Entry Requirements

Computer Science requires GCSE Maths at grade 7.
IT has no additional entry requirements

Year 12 Topics

Computer Science
The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices
Software and software development
Exchanging data
Data types, data structures and algorithms
Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues
Elements of computational thinking
Problem solving and programming
Algorithms to solve problems and standard algorithms

Cambridge Technicals Level 3 IT
Fundamentals in IT
Global Information
Cyber Security
Computer Networks
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Application Design
Analysis and Design
Project Management
Product Development
Business Computing
Mobile Technology
Social Media & Digital Marketing
Game Design and Prototyping
Developing a smarter planet
Internet of Everything
Computer Systems Hardware
IT Technical Support
Web Design
Big Data Analytics
Cognitive Computing
Enterprise Computing
Cloud Technology

Year 13 Topics

Computer Science
Algorithms to solve problems and standard algorithms
Problem Solving and Programming
Elements of Computational Thinking
Independent Project

Cambridge Technicals Level 3 IT
Computer Systems Hardware
Cyber Security
Computer Networks


Computer Science
Computer systems (Component 1)
140 marks, 2 hours 30 minutes written paper
(no calculators allowed) 40%

Algorithms and programming (Component 2)
140 marks, 2 hours 30 minutes written paper (no calculators allowed) 40%

OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in IT
3 exam units
Unit 1: Fundamentals of IT
Unit 2: Global information
Unit 3: Cyber security

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