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About the subject

An A Level in Geography develops your understanding of physical and human geography from a local through to a global scale. You will develop practical fieldwork skills as you explore and think critically about the interactions between people and the environment and the issues arising.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Geography and Grade 5 in Maths.

Year 12 Topics

Coastal Landscapes
Earth's Life Support Systems
Changing Spaces Making Places
Investigative Geography involving 5 days of fieldwork (4,000 word report)

Year 13 Topics

Human Rights
Climate Change
Hazardous Earth


You will have 3 exams in the summer of Y13
Paper 1 Physical Systems 1 hour 30 minutes (22% of grade)
Paper 2 Human Interactions 1 hour 30 minutes (22% of grade)
Paper 3 Geographical Debates 2 hour 30 minutes (36% of grade)
Investigative Geography Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) (20% of grade)

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