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About the subject

Sociology allows a greater understanding of the society in which we live. It considers how key sociological thinkers view certain institutions and their possible effects on groups and individuals.
The study of this subject allows greater development and understanding of the core skills necessary at advanced level of critical thinking and discursive writing. It is one of the best subjects in preparing students for higher education and compliments a range of other higher education courses and academic disciplines.

Entry Requirements

Students must have achieved a minimum of Grade 6 in GCSE Sociology or a similar subject as well as in English Language.

Year 12 Topics

Crime and Deviance
Beliefs in Society

Year 13 Topics

Families and Households
Education with Theory and Method


Paper 1- Education with Theory and Methods (33% of A Level, 2 hours)
Paper 2- Topics in Sociology (Families and Beliefs) (33% of A Level, 2 hours)
Paper 3- Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods (33% of A Level, 2 hours)

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