Coundon Community Cohesion

We have set up a community cohesion program, with the aim to explore opportunities to support and engage with our wider community.


We are launching this program with our first "Coundon Court Community Challenge!" The video below from Mr Clarkson and Mr Mohomed outlines the challenge and provides some examples of what we are looking for. Please scroll down to find out how you can be part of this exciting new venture.

Get involved



Our community cohesion program is intended to be in the areas of health and well-being, charity work, education and employment opportunities, community partnerships, and culture or leisure activities. 


We have lots of great ideas, but would be really interested in hearing from you to see what you think our community needs and how Coundon Court could get involved. 


We would like to actively engage our community and our plan is to build a community partnership/engagement group. If this is something you would like to be a part of please let us know via the form below.


We look forward to hearing from you. 

Tell us what you have been up to!

If you've been showing the Coundon Core Values, please use this form to get in touch and we'll share your stories and pictures with the community, if you are happy for us to do so.

Our core values are that we want our students to be:

Happy and Caring

Responsible Learners



Outward Facing Citizen

Student Podcasts - updated!

Have a listen to our Year 10 Business students and Creative Year 11 iMedia students doing a spot of podding! More coming soon, check back again.

Coundon Roar

Updates from Year 7


"I have demonstrated resilience by doing the online schooling. At the beginning I wasn't too sure and was struggling but now I am as lot better at it. "

Thanks Ella - well done for your hard work and keep it going!


I have demonstrated that I am happy and caring because me and my mum have made a cream tea for my nan and grandad because they only live across the street. Me and my mum have been making scones and sandwiches and cream tea things for them for a nice treat. We stay 6ft apart though so don't worry. We made finger sandwiches, strawberries, scones (with clotted cream and jam) and sandwiches with brie and cranberry, egg mayo and tuna and cucumber all made by hand or freshly picked from the garden.

These look greate Morgan, your Nan and Granddad must have been delighted!

How to enter:

1) Find the Go Parks QR code banner at your closest participating park

2) Scan the QR code (parent or guardian over 18)

3) Complete the form and win points!

If you are a Young Carer, you can get support at: 

The SEND team are working hard to support students both in school and out. There is additional support out for SEND students and families through some fantastic opportunities with SENDIASS. Please see these links for more details.


Our fabulous Art Team got stuck in, along with our students and produced 20 crisp packet blankets that were delivered to Coventry Comfort Carers crisis support project and Langar aid for distribution just before Christmas.

The Crisp Packet Project

Serving the community, saving the environment!

‘The crisp packet project’ making sleeping bags, blankets, bags and ground sheets for the homeless.

Our community really came together on this project.

Not only did our own students and staff collect crisp packets but some of our feeder primary schools did too! Hollyfast, Hill Farm, Kersley Grange and Kersley Newland did an incredible job getting behind the project and donated sacks upon sacks full of crisp packet for the cause.

Conor Thomas ex pupil gives us an inspirational insight into his life and what it takes to be a professional footballer. Fresh from nearly causing an FA cup upset against the mighty Man City last weekend in which Conor played a pivotal part he talks about the game and what a fantastic experience he had playing against some of the best players in the world.


The PE Team want to thank Conor for taking the time to send this message and wishes him good luck for the rest of the season!

Food Bank

You may have seen an article in the Coventry Evening Telegraph regarding how we are supporting our local community with our School Foodbank. The article is outlined below:

“Mrs Elton, Safeguarding Lead at Coundon Court School told Coventry Live: "We have had bags of food anonymously left in my office, teachers keep saying what do you need this week, I'm doing a Tesco shop."


A local charity, Langar Aid, have also helped the school with their free school meals offering, providing thirty additional food hampers every two weeks for families. They also do the voucher and hamper system for families on free school meals.”

Please do get in touch if you or a family in our community needs our support. All correspondence will be treated with confidentiality.

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