Vision and Values 

At Coundon Court School, we have a clear ethos that is built on a strong set of core values which underpin everything we do. Our aim is to ensure our students leave Coundon Court academically successful and with the knowledge and experiences that will enable them to direct their own lives and have a great life.  


Hard Work, kindness and respect run through all aspects of school life.


Hard Work


At Coundon Court School, we know the key to success is hard work. Therefore, we expect nothing less from our students and staff than their best. We ask them to try their best in everything they do to. 




At Coundon Court School, we believe that everyone deserves to come to school and work and be happy. Education is a basic human right and people deserve to access it in an environment where students and staff feel supported and welcomed.




At Coundon Court School, we believe that we should show respect to the other members of our school community as well as the world around us. We know that people perform at their best when they feel they are mutually respected and treated with dignity.