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We believe Art and Photography is essential to prepare students to participate in tomorrows rapidly changing creative world.
We challenge students to think, act and speak like practitioners, we do this by teaching students to become visually literate so that they are able to read, interpret and find the meaning in paintings, photographs, sculptures, instillation, exploring and re-shaping them in their own work.
Art and Photography is delivered in an exciting, vibrant and creative environment, we encourage independence and self expression.

Year 7

Metamorphosis - Exploring mixed media processes and techniques
Contextual reference to contemporary Artist Alex Konahin and his inspirations - Analysis
Pencil and biro tonal bar
Acrylic mark making
Metal embossing
Exploring composition
Contemporary and Historical Natural form Artists - Wallpaper design
Contextual Reference to Arts and Crafts movement, focus on William Morris and Old House
Exploring Colour theory
Fabric transcription with water colour paint
Collagraph sample - exploring surface textures
introducing a specific printing process
introduction to ceramics
Exploring Art from other cultures
Contextual reference to Native american Totem poles and how they inspired contemporary Artist Sanna Annukka
gaining knowledge of symbols and symbolic meaning in Art
Totem pole Transcription developing tonal skills
Contextual research and analysis
revisit colour theory - developing painting skills through new application of ink
Final outcome inspired by Artist Sanna Annukka

Year 8

Evoking emotion through food
Contextual reference to Joel Penkman and Contemporary illustration Artists
Introduce a new specific printing process inspired by contemporary illustration
Fabric observational painting with watercolour
fabric 3D stitched donuts
Exploring Natural forms
Contextual reference to Cas Holmes and Native American Textiles
Exploring Mark making in 2D and 3D
Develop understanding of Artistic Practices in other cultures - Create independent final piece
Exploring Organic structures
Contextual Research Yellana James, Ernst Haeckel and Helen Wells
Creating Samples - exploring materials and process
Learning the principles of Abstractions and developing composition

Year 9

Introduction to portraiture
Contextual Research Thomas Sailot and Elly Smallwood
Exploring the Application of Acrylic paint
Transcription on fabric
Introduce Stitching as a form of drawing
Exploring Drawing
Investigating the theme of still life
Exploring the environment - relevant and everyday environmental issues

GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art and Art and Design: Photography

Exam Information

GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art and
GCSE Art and Design: Photography

Both courses have 2 components to complete over the 2 years.
Component 1 is a coursework based personal investigation worth 60% of the over all grade.
Component 2 is an externally set personal investigation worth 40% of the over all grade.
At the end of year 11 students have a 10 hour practical exam to conclude the course

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