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Creators of independent, problem solvers, designers and makers. Our students get hands on experience with a range of materials, tools, equipment, computer development, sketching, modelling and evaluation techniques. Sparking an interest in the world around us and how we can build a better future.

Year 7

Materials and their properties
The main categories of materials
Cutting and shaping materials
The importance of measurements and accuracy
Introduction to tools and equipment
The use of jigs, patterns and templates
Communicating design ideas through basic sketching, Computer Aided Design work and Modelling
The 6 R's of sustainability
Writing design briefs and specifications

Year 8

Scales of production
Different finishing techniques
Different joining methods
Quality control measures
The impact of resources consumption on the planet
Fashions and trends
Cultural issues
Research techniques
The work of past and present designers

Year 9

How to select and use specialist tools, techniques and processes
How to create high quality products
How materials can be strengthened and reinforced
Pollution and global warming as a consequence of manufacturing
Ecological issues
New and Emerging technologies
Levers and mechanisms

GCSE Design and Technology

Exam Information

There is one paper worth 50% of the whole GCSE. It is made up of a range of multiple choice, short answer and longer questions. The paper is 2hrs long. We encourage students to use their specialist knowledge of timbers to answer questions relating to a material area.

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