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About the subject

Drama is a subject where you can build a range of skills such as being creative, performing scripts and watching theatre. You will work with peers and teachers to develop your understanding of theatre through sharing ideas in practical and written exploration. Every lesson could take you on your own journey to become a Theatre Practitioner.

Year 7

Creating - Friendship and Relationships
Performing - Chicken!
Project - Theatre in Education

Year 8

Creating - Social Media
Performing - The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty
Project - Comedy

Year 9

Creating - Practitioner and Style
Performing - Mark Wheeller play
Project- Theatre from other cultures

GCSE Drama

Exam Information

C1 Devising - one performance/ or design idea created by yourself and a group. Plus a written portfolio answering questions on your Devising/ Design
C2 Performance from Text - One play studied, performance/ or design idea of two extracts from the play
C3 Theatre Makers in Practise - A written exam split into two sections. Section A is on a set play, Section B is on a piece of Live Theatre.

Online resources

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