Food Preparation and Nutrition

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By studying Food Preparation and Nutrition here at Coundon you will experience the wonders of cooking different foods while also learning about food science and nutrition.Food Preparation and Nutrition is an exciting and creative subject in which you will learn transferable life skills that are suitable for use in and out of school.You will increase your skills not only in Food but also across the curriculum particularly Maths,Science,English and PSHE.

Year 7

Health&Safety in the Food room
Basic food preparation techniques such as making salads and pizzas
Eatwell Guide and healthy food choices
Food Provenance

Year 8

The importance of Carbohydrates in a balanced diet.
Food preparation using a range of starchy foods including potatoes,rice and pasta.You will also learn how to make bread.
Introduction to Food Science processes such as Dextrinisation and Gelatinisation
British and International cuisine.

Year 9

The importance of Protein in a balanced diet.
Food preparation using a range of protein foods including meat,fish and protein alternatives.
Nutritional requirements for different life stages.
Functional properties of proteins and fats.
Street Food.

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Exam Information

You will complete 2 NEAs (pieces of coursework) in Year 11 and one final written exam
NEA 1 Food Investigation Task- Written Report (15% final grade)
NEA 2 Food Preparation Task-Written Portfolio (35% final grade)
Final written exam- 1 hour 45 minutes (50% final grade)

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