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Mr Charlton - Head of MFL -

About the subject

Learning a language gives you an opening into a wide world of possibilities and opportunities beyond everyday life. Learning about people from different walks of life and learning to express yourself in another language builds you up into a more confident and rounded person. Speaking another language is a great way to impress people, stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

Year 7

Phonics and Memory
Family Life
Leisure and Hobbies
Life in the French/Spanish speaking world

Year 8

TV, Music and Film
Food and Drink
Holidays in the French/Spanish speaking world

Year 9

Health and Wellbeing
Languages in the World of Work
Places and regions of the French/Spanish speaking world
Life for young people
Literary texts in French/Spanish

GCSE French/Spanish

Exam Information

You will have 4 exams in the summer of Y11. They are:
Reading (with translation into English)
Writing (with translation into French)

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