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Thinking computationally (problem solving) allow students to make better progress in all subjects.
Learning to code helps students to develop critical thinking skills beyond normal expectations, like someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.
ICT and Computing specialist are needed all over the world, and currently in high demand, you will always have a well paid job.

Year 7

From - 2021
Binary - Data Representation
Understanding the significance of Algorithms (Flowol)
Primitive Data Types
Coding - Python Turtle
Digital Literacy
Safety Online
Introduction to files and folders
File Types

Year 8

Understanding Computers (Hardware & Software)
Fundamentals of Cyber Security
Computer Networks
Introduction to Coding constructs & algorithms (Kodu & Scratch)
Microsoft Office Skills
Web Design & Development

Year 9

Data Representation
Sorting & Searching Algorithms
Programming Techniques
System Architecture & Memory
Boolean Algebra
Network Topologies & Protocols
Game Design & Development
Database Development & Management
Careers in IT and Computing

GCSE Computer Science and Cambridge Nationals iMedia

Exam Information

GCSE Computer Science
Paper 1 1.5 hours 50% Computer Systems
Paper 2 1.5 hours 50% Algorithms and programming

Cambridge Nationals Imedia
R081 Pre Production Skills: 1 hour 15 minutes

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