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Mr A Johnson - Learning Team Leader for Music and Performing Arts -

About the subject

If you have a symphony trapped in your head, a lyric that needs a song, a talent on an instrument and a general love for music, we at Coundon can make your potential a reality. Music at Coundon Court takes you on a practical and historical journey from the classical musings of Bach and Beethoven, via the world music of Africa and India, through the famous film scores as varied as Harry Potter and Jaws to the world changing impact of pop music from the 1950s to present day.

Year 7

Composing and Performing to a Stimulus
African Drumming
Introduction to Garageband
Performing Music from South America
Folk Music from the British Isles
Video Game Music

Year 8

"Coundon does The Rolling Stones"
Film Music
Exploring Pop Covers
Rhythms of the World
Approaches to Composition

Year 9

Pop music performance
Song writing skills
Exploring music technology

GCSE Music

Exam Information

You will perform four minutes of music, both as a soloist and within an ensemble.
You will compose two pieces of original music, lasting a minimum of three minutes.
You will have one final exam in Summer of Year 11 - you will listen to a variety of music from all the genres studied and answer questions on what you hear.

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