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PE creates confident, independent thinkers and effective decision makers who can operate effectively as individuals or as part of a team; skills that will enable our young people to stand out and effectively promote themselves as they progress through life. The course not only prepares students for the further study of PE or sports science courses as well as other related subject areas such as psychology, sociology and biology but is also integral in the development of transferable skills that are in demand by further education, Higher Education and employers in all sectors of industry.

Year 7

As year 7 students start Coundon with varying degrees of PE experience; the first 4- 6 weeks comprise of a variety of orientation and team building activities. A similar time frame is used in year 8 to re-establish fundamental movement skills. The Phase 1 PE Curriculum is a broad and balanced programme which allows students to develop fundamental movement skills in a variety of invasion, racket, striking/fielding games, aesthetics and athletics. Throughout year 7 and 8 students develop skills in isolation and game play, as well as tactics and evaluating performance. Delivering a range of activities allows students to develop cognitive, social, and physical/performance skills, thus developing a holistic and inclusive approach.

Year 8

Y7 and Y8 follow the same curriculum pathway

Year 9

Year 9 core PE curriculum will build upon the skills acquired throughout phase 1, allowing students to develop and master their fundamental  movement skills; combining team based sports with health and fitness activities such as Pilates and boxercise. Students will also be given an insight into GCSE PE promoting GCSE knowledge and building on vocabulary, through implementation of a classroom and practical ‘Heath Based PE’ module, which will also provide students with knowledge for lifelong participation in physical activity and health. Learners will also pursue a ‘First Aid for PE’ course, receiving a certificate accredited by St. Johns Ambulance.  The Year 10 and 11 Core PE programme aims to provide positive experiences that encourage lifelong participation in physical activity. Students will further their interests in staying active through increasing differentiation & choice within their PE lessons. It is the hope that all students at Coundon leave school with at least one sport they can participate in recreationally, socially or competitively in order to promote a healthy active lifestyle.

GCSE Physical Education

Exam Information

40% practical; You will be assessed in all the sports you take part in, but three sports (two team and one individual or vice versa) will make up 30% of your final grade.

The AEP is a piece of assessed coursework based around one of your assessed practical sports completed under examination conditions and will make up 10% of your final grade. 60% theory.

The theoretical element is assessed through two examination papers. Questioning includes an element of multi choice, short answer and extended answer questions.
Paper 1: Physical factors affecting performance 60 marks 1 hour written paper 30% of total GCSE.
Paper 2: Socio-cultural issues and Sports Psychology 60 marks 1 hour written paper 30% of total GCSE.

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