Higher Education and Careers Advice

Here are some links to help you do some research into higher education and careers options.

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UCAS -  search for courses as well as find out information about every aspect of student life.

The UniGuide - enter your A Level options to get suggested courses and easily compare them


Student Finance

Save the Student - has a complete, easy to understand guide on how student finance works

Government website - find out additional information and calculate how much you are eligible for

Degree Apprenticeships

UCAS - explains everything you need to know about what degree apprenticeships are and the available options


The government website explains how apprenticeships work and how to apply for one near you.

Alternatives to University

UCAS has plenty of advice about apprenticeships, internships, gap years and studying abroad.


UCAS - lets you explore career options and gives advice on getting a job

National Careers Service - has a skills assessment that matches you to various professions