Student Life


You will be expected to attend school every day by 8.25am.


You will be given the option to change subjects in the first three weeks of Year 12, but only if there is space and you meet the entry requirements. You will not be permitted to drop subjects during the course of the year. All Level 3 subjects are two‐year courses.

Life in Sixth Form


All Year 12 students will be assigned their own Sixth Form tutor who they will meet during the daily tutor period to monitor academic progress, attendance and punctuality. Current affairs and topics are also discussed and debated.

Centre Sixth Form students have two designated Sixth Form areas which can be used before and after school and at breaks and lunchtimes. There is also a catering outlet in the centre providing hot and cold snacks and refreshments.



Tutor Time

Sixth Form students are expected to attend Tutor Time each day, unless they are involved in an enrichment activity.  As an example, a Sports Leader may sometimes support the PE Department with Year 7 gym exercises, encouraging the students to lead a healthy lifestyle and make exercising fun. Sports Leaders is part of a student's enrichment hours. All Year 12 students have to complete 30 hours across the year and this helps develop essential employability skills. When not completing activities such as Sports Leaders, students look at career planning, target settng or take part in discussions.


Students study a range of subjects some of which are very different in their nature to other subjects. Students undertake various activities to to ensure that they cover the criteria in the specifications. Teachers aim to make the lessons as interesting as possible and students are encouraged to take part in group work, presentations, discussions, debates, peer and self assessment. Past paper questions are regularly used to enable students to feel confident and prepared for their exams.

Study Skills

There are 3 hours of study skills each week in Year 12 and 2 hours per week in Year 13. This is very helpful to students, as it gives them time to look over their notes and complete homework, for example. Study skills also helps with choosing enrichment, work experience and university places. During this time students can help each other with homework. The Learning Mentors are always there to help give advice and guidance . This time helps students manage their workload and gives them more free time outside of school to concentrate on other activities. Overall, students' days are varied, keeping the weeks different and exciting. Although Sixth Form can be challenging, students enjoy it and feel that they have gained many skills from it.

Sixth Form Enrichment 



Coundon Sixth Form College aims to offer more than just your academic sucess. Through the enrichment programme, we hope to give you chance to do something that you normally wouldn't by offering activities that will develop your skills, knowledge and experience. The ultimate goal of enrichment is to make you stand out when applying for higher education courses, apprenticeships or employment.