Congratulations to our Year 13 Students!

Congratulations to our Year 13 Students!
NEWS / 17 Aug 2023

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our Sixth Form students from the 2023 cohort!

This year the government have brought results back in line with 2019 outcomes, therefore grades across the country are lower than in the previous two years. In spite of this, our students have continued to perform brilliantly. As a school, we only experienced minor reductions when compared to results last year, with our Year 13 cohort also bucking this national trend by meeting or exceeding our 2019 performance in almost every measure. Most notably, with a 12% increase in A*-B grades and a 19% increase in A*-C grades.

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All of the staff at Coundon Court are extremely proud of all of our students. We wish them every success and look forward to hearing of their continued achievements in the future! 

A Levels 

This year we celebrate another year of high A*-B grades in both our academic and vocational subject areas. 50% of our student entries achieved an A*-B grade at A level. Our previous validated record for examined entries at A*-B% was 38% in 2019. Our A*-A% rate was also the highest this year at 18% (with the highest validated grades previously being 15%) alongside our A*-C% rate increasing to 80% this year.  

Although we are proud of all of our academic subject areas, particular success were in the following subjects that saw more than 50% of the cohort achieving A*-B: Further Maths, Maths, Photography, Economics, Art, English language and literature, Geography, Politics, History, Business, Psychology and Product Design. 

Vocational Subjects 

This year saw our best ever results for vocational subjects. 79% of entries for our vocational subjects achieved Distinction*-Merit – this is actually an increase even on last year’s results where the rate was 56%. In addition, an incredible 69% of student entries achieved Distinction*-Distinction, a further improvement on last year when 40% achieved this. These are phenomenal achievements against the backdrop of reducing grades across the country and our students should be incredibly proud of themselves.

All of our Year 13 students have done themselves and the school proud but we would like to send a special congratulations to the following students who have achieved extremely impressive results:

GA – ABB                               SJ - ABB
AA – AAB                               SM - ABB
SA – AAB                               AM - ABB
JB – A*A*A                             AP – A*A*A*A
BB – AAB                               DR – A*A*A
TB – AAB                               BR - AAB
KF – BBDist*                         GS – A*ABB
BH – ABB                               PT - ABB
HH – A*AB                             VU – ABDist*
AI – A*CC                               KV – A*AA
AJ – A*AB                              CZ - DistDistM


We wish all of our students the best of luck with their chosen destinations and we look forward to hearing about your achievements in the future. The Sixth Form team are always available to support you with information, advice and guidance and will support students throughout the day who need it. We are proud of the achievement of all of our students, with some fantastic destinations already secured, including: DR studying Biochemistry at Oxford University, SM studying Medicine at King’s College London, 7 students studying at Warwick University, 3 at Leicester University, 1 at King’s College London, 1 at Imperial College London and many others.

Our students have also secured some outstanding opportunities outside of university, including apprenticeships at Rolls Royce, JLR, Severn Trent, Virgin Media, PepsiCo and Stellantis.

We are looking forward to welcoming Year 11 into school next week for their Results Day, where we will be celebrating their achievements. Results will be available between 9am and 11am in the PAC, where Sixth Form Enrolment will also take place.