Year 11 Results Day – 2023:

NEWS / 24 Aug 2023

Another proud day at Coundon Court. 

Congratulations to Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE results. Despite the adversity and disruption caused by COVID, with hard work and determination our young people have achieved the success they deserve. Within the context of reduced grades this year to bring them back into line with 2019, we saw continued strong performance at the top end, with 18% of grades awarded being 7+. Individual subject performance was strong in many areas that will allow students to progress to their chosen destination. 

We look forward to welcoming many students back to Sixth Form, where we achieved excellent results this year, including the highest A*-B rate in the city. We have also offered a record number of places to Coundon Court pupils, with over 130 places offered – and we look forward to welcoming over 30 external students from across the City who have applied. 

The Year 11 and Sixth Form Teams have worked hard to ensure all of our young people secure a positive destination for September – including apprenticeships and other Level 3 courses with colleges and training providers.  We look forward to hearing about their future achievements and we are always here to offer support and guidance. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the sixth form team if you have any questions about next steps: we will be more than happy to help. 

Grades: % Achieved
9-8 8%
9-7 18%
9-5 46%
9-4 62%

We are immensely proud of the achievement of all of our pupils, and while it would not be possible to mention all outstanding achievers, below are a selection of pupils who have excelled, with their top five results displayed: 

  • J D 88887                               P P   98877
  • I A  99888                               I P    D*9988
  • A A 99998                               B R  98777
  • T A 99998                               F S   99999
  • C B 99888                               A S  99988 
  • H B 88888                               R R  99888 
  • T D 98888                               A T  99998
  • H G 99988                               S T  88777
  • O M 99877                               N P  99999
  • C T D*8888                              J T  99988
  • J Y  98887

It is important to mention that many pupils exceeded their targets – with many by over a grade, which is an outstanding achievement. 

It has been another very proud day at Coundon Court. We would like to reemphasise our congratulations to all Year 11s and to thank all parents and staff for their unwavering support in ensuring the success of our young people.