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The school expects high standards in dress and appearance to promote a strong sense of community, professionalism and shared purpose. Our uniform is designed to be simple, affordable and to allow students to feel valued and comfortable at school.

We are a place of work with risks and hazards. Movement around the school can become congested and involves the regular use of stairs. Students learn through practical activity. It is important that students are dressed safely.

To ensure a consistent approach to standards we would recommend that all items are purchased from approved stockists. This leaves no doubt as to items meeting the required standard. The blazer, tie, jumper/cardigan, skirts, sports tops and socks can only be purchased from the approved stockists.

The approved stockists are:

Cat BalouSchoolwear CompanyAndy Blair

Any student who presents in an unacceptable manner will be issued with the correct item for one day by the Progress Manager if available. Any student who refuses to wear the correct uniform will be sent home by the Headteacher to correct matters. The Headteacher’s decision is final.

Standard Uniform - All Students

  • Black school blazer with the Coundon Court badge
  • Black V-neck school jumper or cardigan with the school badge embroidered
  • Students do not have to wear the jumper or cardigan but must always wear the blazer 

Girls’ Items

  • White collared school blouse
  • Plain black, full-length tailored school trousers. Wide flares, jeans, combat trousers, skinny trousers and leggings/jeggings or other variants are not allowed
  • Plain black school skirt (Banner Honiton or Salisbury from approved stockists only). The skirt must be on or just above knee length. Please ensure an appropriate length. Jersey and stretch fabric skirts are not allowed
  • Black tights or socks

Boys’ Items

  • White collared school shirt
  • Coundon Court clip on tie
  • Plain black, full length tailored school trousers. Wide flares, jeans, cords, combat trousers and skinny trousers or other variants are not allowed
  • Black socks


A substantial, plain, waterproof outdoor coat. This cannot be worn instead of a school blazer. Any denim, leather, fake leather, fur or knitted coats are not acceptable.

Coats may have a fur trim on the collar or hood. Logos on coats should be modest and not oversized.


Plain, sensible, black shoes or ankle boots. They must be flat soled or with a low heel. Training shoes, high heels, boots, sling backs, canvas shoes, sandals or open toe shoes are not allowed. Students are expected to wear school shoes to and from the school site.

Other information

Belts must be strictly functional, plain black and suitable for trousers only.

Trousers must be worn around the waist.

PE Kit for Boys and Girls

  • Training Top (Banner Aptus Essential 1/4 zip in black/red) Or Games Top ( Falcon 1/4 zip outdoor top in black/scarlet) Please note that no other outdoor top is permitted
  • Red Vapour polo top
  • Red Coolmax socks
  • Black tracksuit bottoms or black leggings
  • Plain black shorts or skort
  • Sports trainers
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads
  • Rugby or football boots – with rugby studs
  • A black base layer under the red polo shirt can be worn for games during poor weather
  • Please note that students may continue to wear their red fleece or rugby top for PE(which is the PE kit currently) until it needs replacing

School Bags

A school bag must be brought to school every day. The bag must be safe, sensible and functional, capable of holding A4 files, A4 exercise books, textbooks, stationery, PE kit and personal property. Only rucksacks, satchels, despatch type bags and large tote bags are allowed. Bags must not have large buckles or protruding metal features. Handbags or shoulder bags are not allowed. Girls may carry an additional small clutch type bag within the main school bag for personal accessories.

PE kit may require a second bag i.e. a drawstring type sports bag.

Other essential equipment

Basic Stationery - a good quality writing pen, a pencil, a rubber, pencil crayons, a ruler (all with spares) a scientific calculator and, for Years 7 and 8, a small dictionary. All items are available to purchase from the School Library. The pencil case must always be on the desk.

Students Must Not Wear/Bring to School

  • Denim in any form
  • Hooded tops & non-school jumpers/cardigans
  • Nail varnish that is bright, glossy or patterned
  • Nail varnish must be plain and pastel
  • Acrylic nails must be natural, plain, pastel and fingertip length
  • Caps and fashion scarves are not permitted
  • Warm hats, scarves and gloves may be worn outside in the colder months and should be plain.
  • Large sums of money, expensive or treasured items and electronic devices

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are permitted to be brought into school, however they must remain off during the school day and in the student’s bag. Mobile phones should be not seen and not heard.

Jewellery, Hair and Makeup

No jewellery should be worn, except for a watch and one pair of plain, metal ear studs if desired, in the earlobe. No facial piercings of any kind (e.g. eyebrow, nose, mouth or tongue) are allowed. If they exist a plastic, flesh coloured stud or sleeper must be worn.

Hair should be kept to a simple style with no artificial colours. No tramlines or similar designs to be cut into hair. Extreme hairstyles in either cut or colour (e.g. tramlines, extreme length, multiple colouring, non-natural colours such as red and purple, dip-dye and extensions) are not acceptable for school.

Students may wear a modest amount of make up as suitable for a professional working environment.

No aerosols are allowed in school. Personal hygiene products must be non-flammable.

All belongings must be clearly marked with the student’s name.