Crisp Packet Project

Here at Coundon Court School we have been thinking about different ways that we can help to support our local community. We have come across a project called ‘The Crisp Packet Project’ that make sleeping bags, blankets, bags and ground sheets for the homeless.

We would love the support of all our students, parents/careers and feeder primary schools by collecting empty crisp packets and donating them to the school. Along with the help of some of our Year 10 students we plan to construct as many sleeping bags or ground sheets as we can from the donated crisp packets.

The packets are fused together then covered in plastic sheeting so that they are waterproof. They act as a great form of insulation as the crisp packets help to reflect the heat back into the body. We love the fact that we will be giving life to one use plastics, helping the environment and saving lives in the process.

We would like to be involved in bringing the community together to help one another. We have been informed that supermarkets, sofa companies, factories, etc., have been able to help support previous projects

How you can help:

1. Can you donate plastic sheeting? Something with a thickness like a dust sheet is ideal. If you can donate please contact

2. Give us your used crisp packets! Either send them in with your child or you can drop them off at the school reception. The more the better!

Appropriate safety measures will be in place with COVID in mind.

We are really excited about the potential and impact that this project could have. Many thanks for your support

If you would like to find our more about the project you can visit the following website:


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