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School Policies

Below you will find our policy documents. Should you require printed versions, please contact our school administration team, who will be happy to assist you.

Admissions Policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy 2021-22 


Admissions Policy 2020-21

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Bike Policy

Careers Education

Charging and Remission Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

CCTV Policy

CCTV - Data Protection Impact Assessment

Code of Conduct for Adults

Complaints Policy

Complaints Form

Covid Catch-up Premium Report

Data Protection Policy

Disadvantaged Student Plan

E-Safety Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality Impact Statement

GDPR Privacy Notice

Health and Safety

Keeping Children Safe Key Points

Keeping Children Safe in Education (From September 2022)

Low Level Concerns Policy

Mental Health and Well-Being Policy

Network Use Policy

Peer-on-Peer Abuse Policy

Pupil Premium Report

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy

Provider Access Policy Statement

Record Retention Schedule

Recruitment and Selection

Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy

Reset and Recovery Plan

Student Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

Special Educational Needs/Disability Policy

School Accounts 2019-20

School Accounts 2020-21

School Accounts 2021-22

School Audit Findings Report 2019-20

School Audit Findings Report 2020-21

School Audit Findings Report 2021-22

School Visits Policy

Supporting Students With Medical Conditions

Whistleblowing Policy

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