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Statement of Intent


Coundon Court expects you to succeed.

You will gain a sense of self, integrity and moral purpose.

You will know and appreciate the world around you.

You are able and responsible for your own actions.



  • I accept there is no failure to make progress and that I should strive to improve.

  • I have total commitment to deliver beyond the minimum. I will seize every moment to learn and improve.

  • I will develop a strong moral compass. 

  • I can execute B3 and E8 expectations flawlessly.

  • I support the school ethos in all that I do.


  • My teachers are experts.

  • I will learn powerful knowledge.

  • Learning will be demanding and I will make great progress.

  • I will read widely.

  • I will talk confidently.

  • I will write at length, neatly and accurately.

  • Great work will be rewarded.

  • I will enrich my time at school.

  • My tutor will know and support me.

  • I will know myself.

  • I will be the best that I can be.

  • There are no excuses

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