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Exam Certificates - Summer 2021

The certificates for Year 11 and Year 13 courses that were completed in Summer 2021 are now in school.

Year 11 students that have joined our Sixth Form will be given their certificates in their Study Skills lessons.

Students that have left Coundon Court will be able to pick up their certificates from Main Reception.


These have to be taken out of safe storage and we therefore need notice that they are required.  If we are informed on Monday to Thursday lunchtime that they are being collected, they will be available for collection the following day. After this, they will be available on the following Tuesday.

We cannot guarantee that certificates will be available to anyone that does not give us prior notice.

If certificates are to collected on a candidate's behalf, the candidate must give that person a signed note giving them permission to do so.

Year 11 Information for Parents and Carers

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Coundon Court Secondary School



Remote learning, where still required for students who may be self-isolating or absent for other reasons, will be delivered as Assignments on Teams. Please also see our 'Away from lessons' page, which has useful resources to help sustain progress during periods of absence.

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Mr Daniel Clarkson

Mr Samuel Mohomed

Co-Headteachers' Welcome

Dan Clarkson, Coundon Court
Sam Mohomed, Coundon Court

Coundon Court is a distinguished and progressive school whose aim is that every student embraces “challenge” on their journey towards personal and academic success.

We are committed to preparing our students for their futures, by ensuring they are:


   Happy and caring;

   Responsible learners;


   Showing resilience;

   Outward facing citizens.


Our staff build positive relationships with students and we ensure that everyone has personal support, so that each student can fulfil their potential, whilst also aspiring to be the best they can be. At Coundon Court we have a purposeful learning environment, one that produces well rounded individuals. We expect our students to embrace many challenges: to volunteer; to mentor; and to engage with extra-curricular activities.


We expect our students to be excited, coming to school knowing that they will enjoy each day. We want them to have a thirst for knowledge and be keen to develop their skills and attitudes. We encourage them to ask questions; to be inquisitive; and to be prepared to take their place in the world.


We both feel privileged to lead Coundon Court through the next steps of our school’s journey.


We invite you to explore our website in order to find out more about what makes our school special.


Mr Daniel Clarkson and Mr Samuel Mohomed


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