Sixth Form Revision Materials

Materials to help students revise for their examinations

Applied Science

The Walking talking mock explains how to tackle each type of Question. 

Questions 1 -3

Questions 4-5

This resource contains content and skills support and many links to suggested practical methods.

Revision Aids

Student Resource Area

Countdown Plan


Course Specification

All resources can be found in the Biology folder: lesson slides, practice questions by type, subject and skill.

Biology Folder

Study Mind Website

Countdown Plan

Business Studies


At the bottom of this document there are revision websites. The first website, Study Mind, has the AQA specification broken down into small topics.

Students can revise a topic of weakness identified in class or through mocks, then attempt questions and self assess the questions on the topic.

The second website is a link to a YouTube channel that has the AQA specification broken-down into small videos.

The third website gives some general advice and guidance on revision for Chemistry A

Countdown Plan


Design & Technology

Revision Timetable

Mind mapping resource for range of topics; use with all the Eduqas digital resources in your folder to mind map key content quickly.


Revision Strategies

Countdown Plan for lesson content and homework with links to other revision resources.

Countdown Plan

Interactive questions on D&T

Eduqas question bank; (remember to select D&T and Topic areas.)


English Language & Literature

Further Mathematics



Use this to find the location of sources in the Germany textbook. Write these up to practice in 20 minutes per source. Self/peer assess using P-V, C-V, T-V, L-V/EXPL and J or submit for marking.

30 Mark Questions

Print off a copy of this file, then complete plans for each exam question. Practice writing introductions, conclusions and support/balance paragraphs. Write up full answers as additional essays to self/peer asses or submit for marking.

25 Mark Questions

Question booklet. Print a copy off and then plan answers to each question, including writing introductions, conclusions and example paragraphs.

Question Booklet

Countdown Plan



Media Studies


How to do a Required Practical

Follow the link to the online simulations of the required practicals. You will need the log in that is on the Required Practical PowerPoint.

Focus Learning Website

Shared Area Resources


Countdown Plan



This is everything you need to know for Paper 1 Education content and methods in context. As you work through the booklet the notes become increasingly abbreviated so that you can recall the detail better.

Paper 1 Resources

Mind maps for Question 5 and 6 on Theory and Method for Paper 3

Mind Maps

Quick fire short questions on Crime and Deviance to ensure you know your AO1 and concepts

Short Questions - Crime & Deviance

Quick fire questions for research methods

Short Questions - Research Methods

AO2 theories and studies - recall your knowledge for Beliefs in Society

Beliefs and Society

Online videos that explain the skills for each type of question on the 3 papers.Revise Sociology Website

Countdown Plan