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Transition 2024

At Coundon, we know that transitioning to secondary school can be daunting for all students. Students are leaving the familiarity of primary school and moving up to a large secondary school where they need to adapt to new systems, new teachers, a new site and countless other issues that might make them feel anxious about the whole process.

We are also fully aware that transitioning to secondary school is just as daunting for you as parents as it is for our students!

That’s why, at Coundon, we take primary to secondary transition seriously.

Below is an outline of what we do and why we do it. This provides a comprehensive overview of what you can expect from the transition process during those final few months at primary school. Please also see our Family Handbook for more information

Coundon Family Handbook


What we do

Why we do it

National Offer Day

We receive a full list of the students who have been offered a place with us.

We will then contact all of our new parents within the following few days, via a phone call, to welcome you to Coundon as well as to gain confirmation you intend to take up the place.

It’s important to us that you receive early communication from us to welcome you to the school so you feel confident that your child will be supported through this process.

Welcome letter - Mid-March

Once you have confirmed your place with us, we will send you a welcome letter which outlines a bit of information about the school as well as details on where you can find any additional information.

You will also receive a key contacts list in case you have any questions early on.

We want our families to feel welcomed straight away and so providing this information early on is a really important part of this process.

It’s also important you know who to speak to, should you have any pressing questions.

Transition events letter – mid-April

We will send you a second letter which outlines the transition process and ensures that you know what the next few months will look like and how you will be supported through the process.

We want to be clear with parents how we support your child through the transition process so that you feel confident in what will happen and when it will happen.

Primary School Visits –

Late May, early June

We endeavour to visit all of our primary schools to meet with key staff.

We discuss each student in turn and collate notes to aid us with the transition process.

We always endeavour to take a Coundon Court teacher with us so students can experience a Coundon Court lesson for the first time!

This is so we can gain a deeper understanding of the students who are coming to us – including, academic progress, interests, any potential friendship issues, safeguarding information and any other relevant information that may help the transition process be smooth and successful.

1-2-1 Parent meetings – June / July

We attempt to meet with all of our parents. This is an important step in making sure our families have all the information they need and have had the chance to ask any pertinent questions important to them.

This gives families the chance to meet members of the Leadership Team or the Pastoral Team. It allows for questions to be asked and communication to be clear and consistent for everyone.

This also helps commence the school-parent relationship which we know is so crucial to a successful time at school.

Family Handbook released

June / July

Our Family Handbook will be released prior to the parent meetings mentioned above.

In the Handbook, it contains all of the necessary information you will need / want to know prior to your child starting school with us.

The handbook will be used in the meeting as a way to ensure we have covered any important pieces of information.

During this meeting, we will also share our Home School Agreement which we ask all of our parents to sign.

We feel this handbook provides a comprehensive overview of important information that parents would need to know prior to their child starting with us – without it being too overwhelming.

We release the information early so that you have had chance to read it prior to the meetings in school where you can ask questions about anything you are not sure of.

Transition Evening

Our Transition Evening is a key part of the transition process. It allows for parents to come in to the school and hear from key staff

Parents have the chance to ask questions as well as tour the school with their child.

It’s important that you have the chance to come in to school with your child. We find this means that the student will be less daunted when they are required to come in to school by themselves.

It allows helps you see the school for yourself, so that you have a clear sense of where they need to go and what they need to do so you can support them fully at the start of their secondary school journey.

Transition Day

This is a crucial part of the transition process. It’s often the first time students would have visited the school by themselves.

We encourage students to wear their current primary school uniform. We also try to group students with other students from their current school so they feel confident that they know other people in their class.

We plan lots of activities, often culminating in a challenge afternoon where students can feel successful.

Attending transition day is crucial to your child feeling confident about starting secondary school. Whilst it is unlikely to alleviate every sense of trepidation, it provides students with memories and positive experiences which helps start their secondary school life on the right foot.

Wider work

We recognise that the transition process doesn’t just start and end between March and July. It’s a continuous process that allows us to work closely with our feeder primary schools. It’s also important that we offer bespoke opportunities as part of our transition work, to ensure all students can feel support and happy upon starting secondary school.

Some of these activities and opportunities are listed here:


What we do

Maths and English Workshops

Our Maths and English teachers have started offering workshops to our local primaries as a way of helping to extend their understanding of these subjects, prior to the starting secondary school.

Quite often, these are offered to Year 4 and 5 students at different times during the school year.

Parent tours on request

Some students will need more support than others and we want to offer anything we can to help these students feel confident about starting secondary school.

Therefore, as part of the process, we are happy to offer bespoke tours of the school to parents who request it. We will endeavour to ensure that all SEND students, as well as any potentially vulnerable students, have the chance to visit the school with their parents at a time that suits them.

School shows

We are proud that we offer such a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, especially in the arts. We are especially proud of our annual school show – so much so, we offer our local primary schools the chance to come to Coundon to watch it each and every year!