Our History

This school is based in and around the once privately owned house, "Coundon Court".

Coundon History 1The house was built in 1891 by the local industrialist, George Singer (1847-1909), pictured here on the steps leading to the main entrance. His fortune was initially based on the production of bicycles and subsequently on that of motor cars.

Designed by Singer himself, the builder being Charles Gray-Hill, Coundon Court was built on land that was formerly part of Coundon Farm; purchased by George Singer for £5433/18/6.

The "Victorian Gothic" building forms an important part of our school. It is now fondly referred to as "The Old House". Most of the fine woodwork installed on construction of Coundon Court remains and the building retains much of its original style.



Included in the construction project were houses for some of the workers that were required to live either on the site or nearby, such as the one pictured here on the left.  The house that was built by the main entrance to the school on Northbrook Road still exists, largely in its original form, and is now a home to one of the school caretakers and his family.

Following George Singer's death in 1909, the house passed through several private hands. Eventually it was sold to the local council in 1953 by its then owner, George Finn.  The lodge and the grounds were later also sold to the council, giving the school the marvellous sports pitches and gardens that we have today. 

Coundon Court High School was opened in 1953, becoming a girls comprehensive school in 1956.  It quickly gained a reputation for high standards that remains to this day. Over time, as the number of students at the school steadily rose, the original buildings proved to be too small and the school was extended by North and then South Block. In 2007 new Performing Arts and Business Centres were completed.

Coundon Court History 2The first head, Miss, E M Foster, retired in 1972 when the school was amalgamated with another local school, Barkers Butts Secondary Modern Mixed. Mr N Anderton was the next head, being followed by Mr K Reynolds, Mr D Kershaw, Mr J Vickers, Mrs D Morrison and Mr A Clay, who was appointed Head Teacher from September 2014 and retired in 2020. Mr D Clarkson and Mr S Mohomed became Co-Headteachers from September 2020. Our current Principal, Mr Heal, commenced his role here in June 2022.

There are currently around 1900 students at the school.

Perhaps the most famous former student is the late Mo Mowlam (1949-2005), who was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland at the time of the "Good Friday Agreement".  International Rugby Union players, "Big Jim" Hamilton and Leon Lloyd were educated here, as well as the actor Nitin Ganatra.

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