Why Work at Coundon Court School?

Our core values of kindness, respect and hard work underpin all that we do at Coundon Court. We understand the importance of working smart and supporting our colleagues to remove any unnecessary workload or pressures.

The Coundon Way’ is how we choose to do things around here. For staff, it’s an accepted way of acting and the professionalism we bring to our roles every day. The Coundon Way is determined by our core values and what we want for our students.

The Coundon Way is exhibited in the following behaviours:

  • We act professionally at all times 
  • We relentlessly pursue excellence for our students and accept nothing less than their best 
  • We do not shy away from difficult conversations and embrace candour 
  • We support our colleagues. Always.  
  • We sweat the small stuff as we know the difference it makes to the lives of our students 
  • We are persistently and deliberately optimistic  
  • We value feedback 

We ask our staff to:

  • Prioritise quality learning over anything else therefore if it doesn’t impact our students be successful, we aim to remove any unnecessary work or tasks outside of the classroom.
  • Work collaboratively to develop curriculum resources – that don’t need much adaptation in order to respond to the needs of our students.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and feedback regarding school operation – to minimise disruption to our core business - of leading our young people to success. Our school is a sum of its parts – and each person who chooses to work here is valued equally.  
  • Take advantage of our CPD opportunities – both internally and externally – to upskill themselves and their colleagues as part of the journey of self and wider school development.
  • Value relationship building; encourage and challenge each other to be the best that we can be in a supportive and safe environment.

We dont expect you to:

  • Spend hours marking books for the sake of it. We value in-lesson feedback opportunities to improve learning over lots of written comments in books.
  • Spend hours Differentiating your resources. Our Coundon Lesson Framework is based on effective Quality First Teaching and is based on sound research that supports all students to succeed.
  • Work harder than our students – we ask that you create safe, effective and efficient learning environments so all students learn well.
  • Write reports – our assessment model planning aims to produce key information to inform Parents, Carers and Students of how they can support development of knowledge.
  • Produce anything different for quality assurance purposes. Our culture is one of collaboration and we have an open-door policy. We feedback regularly to identify marginal gains, share success and provide opportunities for professional growth through modelling.
  • Produce lots of data to be analysed at a classroom level. We understand the limitations and more importantly we know our students so can intervene to remove the barriers.

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