Please use the form below for general enquiries.

Preferred contact method:

Thank you for message, we will be in touch soon.

We will respond as quickly as possible however, we are a busy organisation and we prioritise our responses as follows:

Priority 1: Student Safeguarding – immediately or by the end of the same day as circumstance requires.

Priority 2: Student Welfare – within one to two days depending on the urgency of the concern.

Priority 3: Student Progress – usually within two days. Please be aware staff teach all day and are often in meetings and planned activity after school. The class teacher or subject leader will respond as soon as is practically possible.

For Priority 1 and 2, you would normally contact your child’s Progress Manager in the first instance. They are best placed to respond quickly to any concern.

Our Twitter account is used to disseminate information to parents and is not constantly monitored. Twitter is also not suitable for detailed responses. We therefore ask that parents contact us by telephone or email and not via Twitter.

Coundon Court Secondary School