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The Governing body

The Governing Body at Coundon Court School is responsible for the strategic oversight of school improvement and the quality of its daily work.

It works with the Principal to:

  1. Ensure the quality of educational provision at Coundon Court through strategic review and quality assurance of the curriculum, lesson quality and student and staff experiences.
  2. Challenge and monitor the examination outcomes and other key performance indicators.
  3. Scrutinise, monitor and approve Coundon Court’s finances and property management.
  4. Ensure that Coundon Court complies with charity and company law.
  5. Operate the academy in accordance with the funding agreement that has been signed with the Secretary of State i.e. it provides a good educational experience on a daily basis and that all funds support this.

The Governors represent a range of interests from within the local community, the City of Coventry and the wider region. Their task is to form a link between the needs and aspirations of these communities and the school’s work.

The Academy Trust is the formal responsibility of five Members. They are responsible for setting up and maintaining effective governance of the school. This responsibility is then delegated to the Full Governing Body.

The full Governing Body meets four times a year and the meetings last for approximately two hours. The formal agenda allows for scrutiny of the schools’ work as well as a chance for Governors to develop knowledge and understanding of the changing educational landscape, in order to facilitate their decision making and judgment forming ability.

Each Governor also sits on one of two sub committees. The Curriculum and Standards Committee manages business connected to learning and examination outcomes. The Finance and Premises Committee looks at budget planning and site management issues. These sub committees meet three times a year.

Governors also visit areas that reflect our school development priorities areas twice a year for an update on performance and key activity.

The Principal works closely with Governors to equip them with the necessary educational understanding to manage these meetings and visits. From time to time, the Governing Body is also required to engage in formal processes related to student discipline and industrial relations.

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