School Life

Student Expectations:

  • All students will work in an A4 format - either an A4 textbook with a plastic wallet for loose sheets or a ring binder.

  • Students may have a notebook for planning and a best book for final, neat work or a clear separation within a single book.

  • Students are expected to manage their daily requirements for lessons with increasing self-responsibility. Many Year 7 students will carry all of their books in a binder all of the time. By Year 11, students will have graduated to individual subject folders and their own ways of recording, storing and accessing their work.​

Essential equipment: 

  • A good quality writing pen, a pencil, a rubber, pencil crayons and a ruler (all with spares).

  • A scientific calculator and for Years 7 and 8, a small dictionary. 

  • A school bag must be brought to school every day. The bag must be safe, sensible and functional, capable of holding A4 exercise books, textbooks, stationery, PE kit and personal property.​


At the End of Every Year

  • Existing and old work must be stored securely at home within Years 7 and 8.

  • At the end of Year 9, work may be disposed of unless teachers direct otherwise e.g. French books will need to be maintained for vocabulary if it is chosen as a GCSE option; core subjects may direct students to retain Year 9 books as these are important for revision in Years 10 and 11.

  • Within Years 10 and 11 all work must be stored safely at home for revision. Students may need to keep relevant work for A Level Study after Year 11.


The School Day

  • Students are expected to be on the school site and in their Tutor Room by 8:25am each morning.

  • Students arriving after 8:25am will be marked late in registers.

  • Students have 3 double lessons per day, of 100 minutes duration, with a small number of 50 minute lessons in particular subjects. 

  • The end of the school day is at 2.50pm

  • Assemblies normally take place during Tutor Period.

  • In every lesson, the issuing of a red coin rewards excellent work. Students bank these with their tutor.

  • A Red Lion Badge is awarded after the first 20 coins. This is worn on the blazer lapel.

  • Over time, we expect all students to gain many more badges.

  • After 240 coins a Governor badge is awarded and then a second tier starts all over again with larger badges.

  • Badges are awarded in assemblies and then by the Headteacher and Governors in person