Values, Vision and Priorities 

Mr Daniel Clarkson


Mr Samuel Mohomed

Coundon Court is a distinguished and progressive school whose aim is to ensure that every student embraces “challenge” on their journey towards personal and academic success.


We are committed to preparing our students for their futures, by ensuring they are:

· Happy and caring

· Responsible learners

· Aspirational

· Showing resilience

· Outward facing citizens.

Our staff build positive relationships with students and we ensure that everyone has personal support, so that each student can fulfil their potential, whilst also aspiring to be the best they can be.

At Coundon Court we have a purposeful learning environment, one that produces well rounded individuals. We expect our students to volunteer; to mentor; and to engage with extra-curricular activities.

We expect our students to be excited, coming to school knowing that they will enjoy each day. We want them to have a thirst for knowledge and be keen to develop their skills and attitudes. We encourage them to ask questions; to be inquisitive; and to be prepared to take their place in the world.

Our Vision for Coundon Court Students

Our strategic priorities at Coundon Court are based around 2 main strands – Coundon Court Community and Curriculum and Learning Excellence. These underpin our school development priorities.

Coundon Court Community

1. We promote positive relationships and behaviour, and strive for 100% attendance.

2. Students engage with our Co-curricular and Enrichment programmes as part of their wider personal development that supports their wellbeing.

3. Students are proud to be at Coundon Court as shown through participation in our House System and through feedback from Student Voice.

4. Our Community Cohesion projects puts Coundon Court at the heart of our community.

Curriculum and Learning Excellence

1. We have a broad, challenging and purposeful curriculum and we ensure all students have the appropriate support that they need in order that they can access it fully.

2. Our classrooms are efficient and effective learning environments – lessons are responsive and feedback opportunities are used to inform future learning.

3. Staff Professional Development ensures we are experts in our provision and that we research into modern strategies for effective teaching and mentoring.

4. We ensure our learners have the skills and knowledge to progress by providing academic/pastoral interventions and independent information advice and guidance in relation to careers and pathways at 16 and 18 years old.