Aleksandra Year 9

Year 9

Aleksandra Year 9

Geography is a very interesting subject because you get to learn about the environment, landscapes, migration, globalisation and etc. I also like P.E because I get to learn about bones, health, social, physical and etc.

The most enjoyable part of Coundon Court is that you socialise and get to know new people, new subjects and be supported by staff and students whatever situation you are in. Feeling supported should always be a number 1 priority when you step into school because without it, not all students will feel safe or want to continue in that school.

Coundon Court is a great school and teaches us new things we may not have known about. Opportunities we get at Coundon Court I feel are really lucky, like trips, after school clubs or even being asked to join a specific activity because you have been noticed.

After school clubs in my opinion are a great opportunity to learn more and enjoy the time with friends, teachers and the activity. Most importantly, we have Student Voice, a group of people which will support and help anyone out and when you have any ideas they will always try to make it happen to make everybody feel pleased and heard.