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Music is a powerful medium for communication between people of different ages, cultures, social backgrounds and abilities.

The art of music is the aesthetic organisation of sound using the elements of rhythm, pitch, dynamics, timbre and texture, within a variety of structures.

Powerful Knowledge in Music

The Music curriculum at Coundon Court aims to develop pupils’ understanding of the musical elements, and therefore allow pupils to use this powerful knowledge and understanding in their performance, composition and listening & appraising work. Once developed, pupils build on this knowledge throughout KS3 and into KS4 in all three strands of their work, using key musical vocabulary and practical musical literacy (communication and interpretation/expression).

  • Dynamics
  • Tempo
  • Rhythm
  • Texture
  • Structure
  • Pitch
  • Timbre

As a music team, we aim to encourage and support students to develop musically whilst simultaneously developing spiritual, moral, social and cultural attributes with their peers and love for the subject. Our aim is to develop confident and emotionally intelligent pupils through the discovery of music.

Our Schemes of Learning encourage musical skills that are transferable, promoting cognitive and physical development and evoking emotional responses. Music at Coundon Court is a fully inclusive activity, allowing all students to participate regardless of ability. It is used as a powerful agent of non-verbal communication, co-operation and pleasure. Successful participation in music develops pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and learning skills. It promotes teamwork, turn-taking, sense of leadership and allows for cross-curricular learning. It is an effective medium for self-expression, engenders enjoyment, enhances co-operative working and promotes a sense of community.

Above all, Coundon Court students should gain delight, enjoyment, satisfaction and a love of music by becoming involved in its language and literature, through performance, composition, listening & appraising and by developing sensitivity and critical faculties.                   

Experiences beyond the classroom

Throughout the school we are committed to students building a lifelong love of music. The department continues to offer a broad range of musical clubs and activities that enrich the lives of students at Coundon Court. Across the Key Stages we have numerous opportunities for students to attend concerts at various venues, perform on stage at Coundon and external venues, listen to visiting professional performers and engage with various workshops to enrich our curriculum and the cultural experiences of our pupils. 

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Music Curriculum Intent 31st Jan 2023 Download