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Physical Education

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At Coundon Court, we believe that a successful physical education curriculum ensures that every student has the necessary knowledge of rules and regulations in whatever sport they encounter, the thorough understanding of the impact sport has on your body and how it supports a healthy lifestyle and the intrinsic motivation to ensure that students remain physically literate beyond their school years.

We appreciate the role that physical education has on our students and how having the knowledge of how their body works in relation to exercise will encourage students to gain a lifelong love for being physically active. We believe physical education can be used to develop the physical, social and emotional well-being of our students. We aim to provide an engaging, inclusive and challenging curriculum that allows all students to achieve beyond their expectations. 

Our physical education curriculum is divided into two key areas: the cognitive (knowledge of rules and regulations in relation to a wide range of sports) and the physical (knowledge of how to perform and apply this knowledge). As well as these two areas, the social importance (knowledge of how sport can promote our core values of kindness and respect) that sport has in our lives and the positive impact it has on our mental health and well-being is another aspect that we emphasise to our students throughout our curriculum. Students will develop physical, technical and tactical sporting skills; enhanced by an embedded focus on mental skills such as resilience, determination and confidence.

Our Coundon Values are present in all that we do across our Physical Education curriculum.

Hard Work To work above personal abilities and challenge themselves and others within their group to achieve new goals and ambitions; trying a new sport, achieving personal bests. Helping other students to improve by evaluating performances.

Kindness – To accept and appreciate the contribution and efforts that every individual gives to both a team and individual sporting environment.

RespectTo show respect to peers of all abilities, teachers and officiating decisions that made during competitive situations. To demonstrate sportsmanship and compete with the correct values.


Subject Documents Date  
Physical Education Curriculum Intent 31st Jan 2023 Download
GCSE PE Road map 31st Jan 2023 Download