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Drama is an art form, a practical activity and an intellectual discipline. Its collaborative nature provides opportunities for students to develop key skills of communication, negotiation, compromise and self-assertion.

Students develop confidence when speaking and their vocabulary is extended when they adopt roles and characters. Students also acquire a critical and subject-specific vocabulary through reflecting on and appraising their own work in drama and the work of others

Students are encouraged to be highly creative and imaginative, nurturing a passion for the subject. They will work with their peers, building their communication and co-operation skills, through highly interactive, practical and engaging lessons. Through learning drama students will develop their presentation skills ready for the wider world.

Powerful Knowledge in Drama 

The Drama curriculum at Coundon Court aims to develop pupils’ understanding of REHEARSAL STRATEGIES and VOCAL/PHYSICAL/STAGING SKILLS, and therefore allow pupils to use this powerful knowledge and understanding in their creating, performing and reflecting work. Once developed, pupils build on this knowledge throughout KS3 and into KS4 in all three strands of their work, using key drama vocabulary.

Rehearsal Strategies

Vocal Skills

Physical / Staging Skills

  • Stimulus
  • Role-play
  • Still image
  • Thoughts aloud/tracking
  • Narration
  • Role on the wall
  • Hot-seating
  • Conscience alley
  • Flashback
  • Whoosh!
  • Projection
  • Pitch
  • Tone
  • Volume
  • Inflection
  • Pace/Pause
  • Intonation
  • Soundscape
  • Choral speaking
  • Facial expression
  • Body language/Posture
  • Gesture
  • Characterisation
  • Movement
  • Levels
  • Proxemics
  • Stance/Posture
  • Cross-cutting

Experiences beyond the classroom

Outside of lessons students have access to a Drama club which builds upon those skills learnt in lessons, as well as teaching students to work alongside different year groups and being exposed to a wide range of scripts and material. It is hoped that students will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills and performances in a Drama Showcase Performance, for parents and the community.

Bi-annually, students are also given the opportunity to audition and participate in a School Musical. They will broaden their skills in Singing, Acting and Dancing or Design, working alongside the Drama and Music department to build a professional performance, staged for students, staff, parents and the community.

As a drama team, we aim to encourage and support students to develop their drama work whilst simultaneously developing moral, social and cultural attributes with their peers and love for the subject. Our aim is to develop confident and emotionally intelligent pupils through the creation of drama.

Subject Documents Date  
Drama 22nd Dec 2022 Download
Drama Curriculum Intent 31st Jan 2023 Download