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We study history because history doesn’t stay behind us. Studying history helps us understand how events in the past made things the way they are today.

With lessons from the past, we not only learn about ourselves and how we came to be, but also develop the ability to avoid mistakes and create better paths for our societies.

At Coundon Court, our curriculum provides students with a knowledge rich experience that provides all students with a high level of challenge and ambition throughout their journey across the History curriculum. We want our students to have an understanding of their place in the wider world and a recognition of the importance of the past in shaping the world as it is today: whether that is based on their exploration of the history of Coventry or nationally.

We promote experiences beyond the classroom whether that is our Year 7 trip to Coventry Cathedral or our KS4 trip to Whitechapel.

Subject Documents Date  
History 22nd Dec 2022 Download
History Curriculum Intent 31st Jan 2023 Download